In the Beningging... I mean Beginning.

In 2010. While others were elated by South Africa's hosting of the FIFA World Cup,

I was fresh out of uni, with an accidental diploma in Information Technology, and with no absolute clue of whether I'd end up using it.


You see, back when it was decided for me, that I'd be doing tertiary level education, I'd suggested something along the lines of Journalism

(coz I'm a bit of a Mam'gobhozi and wanderlust) , but by the end of the application process, I was enrolled in IT, which is basically

"ass on seat; eyes on screen" ALL DAY.

The opposite of what I wanted.


I was lucky though. I got to use my diploma, working for great FinTech ninjas, but the career path was just not scratching my itch. I wanted to be boss.


Come 2018. I finally felt ready to #fetchMyLife.

So, I took all the money I had been putting money aside all these years, and put it where my mouth is and started importing and selling Bathing Babe pieces.


They say, "The only way to WIN BIG in life, is to bet on yourself. Nothing else will pay better!"

I want to see if "They" are right.