We're a South African, lifestyle company.

We are intent on inspiring like-minded individuals, though example.

We are set on showing young females, that dreams are achievable, through making our own dream a success.


Our dream is Bathing Babe; a company that focuses on designing and selling apparel that is essential and complementary to the lifestyle of the #YoungAmbitiousFemale .


We launched 1st November 2018, with a custom swimsuits line. Locally, it was received well and made an appearance in some cool female's December holiday feeds.


In 2019, we tried to incorporate a guys swim trunks range. It did okay-ish, but who were we kidding?..

We’re just better as a female brand.


Now it's 2020 and we are knee-deep, in a pandemic, LOCKED DOWN, and, it’s winter!


We think the answer to 2020, is a winter/fitness line

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