In a nutshell, Bathing Babe, is a family-owned e-commerce swimwear store, centred on the promotion of body-positivity.

Our mission for the company is to become the top online resource for women interested in purchasing trendy but affordable swimwear.

We launched in November 2018, with a ladies custom swimsuits line.

In 2019, we tried to incorporate a guys swim-trunks collection. It didn't take off quite as planned.
Lesson learned.

2020? Let's not even talk about it, mmk.


Now it's 2021 and we are all still knee-deep in a pandemic. So what if it means pivoting with the times, we will do so, but we CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP!

Keep up with our monthly collections...(yes, even in the winter months) and we hope you will continue to support our business.